Training Topics Overview

Training & Presentation Options Available

  • 30-minute to 2-hour presentation
  • 1/2 day training (3 hours)
  • Full-day training (6 hours)
  • Teleseminar
  • Webinar
  • Keynote
  • Article (contributed to newsletter, blog or company communication)


Training topics can customized and be adjusted in length from 30 minutes to 2 hour. They are ideal for professional development and skills training, seminars, or combined for half-day or full-day workshops. Clients can also opt for individual coaching agreements apart from or included in the training package. Fees available upon request.

Sales Skills for Introverts

If part of your job is to sell (and regardless of title, it’s everyone’s job!) and you’d rather get a root canal without anesthesia, this training is for you! We’ll cover more than just basic sales skills and the prospect-to-purchaser process; we’ll answer the question “I know what to do, so why don’t I do it?!?” and cover strategies for painless bottom-line growth. Ideal for the accidental salesperson, as well as those responsible for both service delivery and business development. Request Additional Info

Networking Skills for Introverts

What words or feelings come to mind when you hear the word “networking”? Dread? Anxiety? Boredom? Curiosity? For many introverts, traditional networking is excruciating at worst, tolerable at best. This training offers strategies for navigating the networking waters, starting from before you ever set foot inside the event, to following through once you’re safely back in your office. Absolutely essential information for any introvert who has to see and be seen on a regular basis for business. Request Additional Info

Presentation Skills for Introverts

Whether you experience stage fright or fight-or-flight, glossophobics know the drill: sweaty palms, choppy breathing and nausea are just a few of the ways fear of public speaking rears its ugly head. This training covers techniques for preparing a winning presentation, calming the nerves and speaking in front of groups with confidence and authority. Plus, we cover why introverts make natural and powerful public speakers. Perfect for leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and sales professionals who want to place their trust in something stronger than picturing the audience in their underwear. Request Additional Info

Leadership Skills for Introverts

When it’s critical that everyone consider themselves a leader, and everyone contributes to the bottom line, don’t you want to be sure that introverts have the same opportunities as extroverts (who often rise to leadership naturally)? This training explores how introverts can tap into their powerful, natural strengths to lead with authenticity, transparency and authority. Practical tools and strategies, combined with the latest research in introvert leadership, make this necessary information for all active and aspiring leaders. Request Additional Info

Interview Skills for Introverts

Learn tips and tricks for acing the interview in this interactive, introvert-friendly training. Participants learn how to: establish rapport; handle tough questions; monitor body language; ask for the job; and promote themselves confidently and authentically. Excellent for job seekers, as well as those looking to advance in their industry. Request Additional Info

Coaching Skills for Introverts

How often do you experience miscommunications and misunderstandings with your employees? What if you could turn almost any interaction – no matter how intense or emotional – into a safe space of mutual respect and learning? Learn basic coaching skills that will transform your relationships with employees and clients from “us vs. them” into collaborative partnerships (this is a place where introvert strengths shine!). We’ll draw on best practices from appreciative inquiry, active listening techniques and co-active coaching.  Ideal for managers, team leaders, C-suite executives and human resources professionals (and yes, extroverts would love this one!). Request Additional Info

 Improv for Introverts

For many introverts, expressing ideas and thoughts – out loud, on the spot, in the center, with strangers – ranges from slightly uncomfortable to downright frightening. We can do it (and do it well, thank you very much!), yet it doesn’t always come naturally. Enter improv, the fun, powerful way to sharpen your communication skills, improve presentation abilities and bring more ease and enjoyment to your interactions with others. This team-led training is fabulous for teams, onboarding, retreats and anyone who wants to stretch their creative-thinking muscles. Request Additional Info

Working With & For Introverts: An Extrovert’s Survival Guide

If you work alongside introverts every day, you know that there’s something different about the way they work. Understanding what that “something” is – and how to make the most of it – is key to successful teamwork and employee retention and satisfaction. This training provides insights and ideas for bridging the communication gap between innies and outties, as well as ways to create a more positive work environment for all types. Request Additional Info


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