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Are you looking for high-quality, useful content for your company, association or organization newsletter, enews or blog?

I have three articles to offer for your consideration (each link opens a PDF in a new window):

  1. Event Survival Guide for Introverts & the Overwhelmed
  2. Bridging the Innie-Outtie Communication Gap
  3. Quiet Cultivation: Identifying Introverted Leaders

Chances are, you have a fair number of introverts within your readers. These articles are written with them in mind, as well as being designed to give extroverts additional insight into their introvert counterparts.

I offer these three articles at no charge, only requesting proper attribution and permission for their use.

If you are interested in reprinting any or all of these articles, online or in print, please send me an e-mail at – I’ll send you the unwatermarked article(s) as a Word document for your use.

If edits are to be made, I do ask for final review of the copy before it’s made public. Once it’s public, I appreciate a link or hard-copy of the final publication.

I also am available to write custom articles for a fee. Please contact me to start that conversation.

Thank you!!