Coaching Benefits

“Hiring Beth was one of the best decisions I’ve made as a business owner, an introvert and a human being.  Beth led me to create a vision to help guide the focus of my business, and as a result I have seen an increase in client flow and speaking engagements.  Her guidance inspired me to broaden my professional development and step into my role as an entrepreneur with more confidence. My greatest gift as a result of working with Beth was the development of my ‘un-attachment muscle.’  Learning to let go of ‘shoulds’ and expectations of others has freed me to focus on what I truly love about my work.  Beth is a wise and compassionate coach, whose insight and gentle humor inspires action and creativity.”
—  Joan Shulman, MA, CPCC, Full Circle Coaching (Aug 2013)

“When I started working with Beth, my goal was simple…change the direction of my life! Of course that is not so simple. Beth helped me see what was holding me back from the change I knew I wanted and even more importantly she helped me move forward. I am now on a great path and owe a lot of that to the time I spent with Beth.”
— Steve G, Michigan (Sept 2012)

“Beth has a gentle, wise spirit and floating and spinning around me in the way of questions, she patiently allowed me to discover my own truth: truth that serves me, not destroys me. Beth held a safe space for she and I to co-create beauty from what I had viewed as once ugly.” — Kristen G, Oregon (July 2012)

“Beth is an excellent coach — supportive, encouraging, and just plain fun to talk to.  She helped me clarify what I really want and figure out what was getting in my way.  She helped me work through a lot of fear and find the courage to do things I was avoiding, from having a difficult conversation with my father to finally asking my supervisor for a flexible work schedule that allows me to spend more time with my daughter.  Through my sessions with Beth, I realized that before I could meet certain goals I had established for myself, I had to establish a good foundation of self-care and remove some blocks that were sapping away my energy.  I now feel refreshed, focused, and excited about taking my career in new directions.”
— Celina R, Arizona (July 2012)

“Beth has the ability to really ‘hear’ what I am saying and get to the heart of the matter with humor and clarity. Some of the major things I have learned from coaching are that regardless of circumstances my attitude can power me forward to reach higher ground. Through the use of mantra/catch phrases and defining my deepest values I can shift my moods and use these tools to power myself forward. I have learned to ask for help. Creating authentic goals and then taking small and steady action towards those goals helps to restore my confidence in myself and my life everyday. In the short time since I have been working with Beth, my family and friends have commented on my positive mood and outlook and have wondered what has happened? I tell them its because I am living out of my vision for my future and not my circumstances.”  — Sophia M, New York (2011)

“I look at my life like a quirky little house with lots of character, but that is always in need of a project here or there to keep things in tip-top shape.  Some of  the projects are easy to do on my own, but others are a little more complicated and require the services of a ‘general contractor’.  Beth is great at helping connect the dots between seemingly unrelated events and helping me discover that I have all of the skills that I need to finish the project on my own and keep moving forward on my journey.”
— J.L., Tacoma, WA

“I had a wonderful overall experience, as well as a profound breakthrough, with Beth as my life coach.  Not only does she provide a safe place for personal exploration, but she also asks powerful questions that allow me to broaden my perspective and deepen my understanding.  I would highly recommend Beth as a Life Coach to anyone who is interested in co-created insight and action.”
Arabella Winters, Certified Professional Coach, Author of Thrown to the Wolves©, Creator of Pawsitive Affirmations

“Beth is a true ‘guide by your side’, she creates a safe environment for honest and open communication, asks the tough questions that need to be asked and is 100% committed to supporting her clients in expanding and achieving what’s truly possible for them.”

— P.D., Redmond, WA

“Since I’ve been working with Beth, I’ve learned how to take things step by step during my career search.  Beth has helped me gain clarity and confidence when encountering with situations I am not comfortable with during the process.  Working with Beth has made a huge difference in my confidence level and ability to focus during my process of looking for a job.   I enjoy and learn from the process more, so I am not stuck in the ‘mental rut’ anymore.” 
J.C., New York, NY

“Beth is a wonderful coach and true professional. She has a depth of experience working with individuals and organizations, helping them be truly effective in getting the success they desire. Her questions are insightful and her observations are astute. I trust Beth’s knowledge and observations and have turned to her for guidance on a number of occasions. She is a pleasure to work with and I recommend her highly as a coach or consultant.”

— Megan Raphael, Traverse City, MI
Public Speaker, Courage coach, Group facilitator, Award-winning author of The Courage Code

“As a life coach, Beth has made a significant impact on my life.  I was able to engage Beth as I was starting a new business in a really bad economy.  I had a lot of doubt with regard to my future success, and I felt like I was getting ‘nowhere’ and lacking marketing skills.  Within a scarce four sessions, Beth was able to make me realize that, not only were my services in demand, but that I was undervaluing my services.  Also, she recognized that I had a realistic marketing plan and gave me some suggestions to improve it dramatically.  When I made the changes that Beth suggested, my business took off.  Currently, with every new client, I am raising my hourly rate.  And not a single one has flinched, given my qualifications.”

–R.L., Gig Harbor, WA