Demystifying LinkedIn with Viveka Von Rosen (Part 1)

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With the virtual landslide of social media options we have, a few have emerged as basic and necessary to anyone who has their own business or navigates the corporate landscape. They are like the social media triple threat: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Of the three, LinkedIn has been the most mysterious. Conversations with friends and colleagues have revealed that I am not alone.

Introvert Entrepreneur Viveka Von Rosen of Linked into Business joins me for a special two-part series on LinkedIn. We’re going to cover the LinkedIn fundamentals, as well as some more advanced techniques to grow your network and maximize LinkedIn.

What you’ll learn in Part 1:

  • How to navigate the culture clash between LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Whether you’re a LION or a LAMB networker
  • Why size really does matter
  • How a few small tweaks can make your profile pop

What’s in store for Part 2 (

A few Ninja tricks, including what makes a profile stand out, deciding how much you want to reveal and who can see what where, and how to use groups and updates to showcase your talents and connect with your ideal clients. And you will definitely want to learn what to do if you want to get your LinkedIn privileges snatched away!


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